Single Side Support System

Used for withstanding the concrete pressure on the base through the support frame. Single side support systems enable you to make concrete walls with a height of up to 8 m.

The Single Side Support System can be used for concreting any:

  • Water-development works;
  • Dam works;
  • Retaining walls;
  • At stop-ends of large thickness walls;
  • Where there no space for the opposition panel to be placed;
  • At the stop-ends of thick slabs;
  • Where walls are very wide you can use the frames on each side;
  • When casting against rock face or sheet piling.

The following items serve as wall elements:

  • Framed formwork;
  • Cross-beam formwork;
  • Large area formwork.

Modular system of support frames Variant DESIGNED FOR CONCRETING HEIGHTS OF UP TO 8,0 m AND FOR NEWLY PLACED CONCRETE PRESSURE UP TO 50 kN/m2 using:

  • a multi-function finger bar of 4,50 m;
  • a buildup frame of 1,5 m or 2,00 m.

The frames may be used horizontally in case of large vertical load or big geometry of structures.

All units may be assembled quickly without any ancillaries. All necessary fastening elements are pre-mounted on each support frame.

As far as the height of the concrete wall increases, the concrete mixture pressure grows. Choice of applicable frames depends on the concreting height.

The distance between the support frames is to be determined depending on the actual pressure of the concrete mixture.

  • Wall height of up to 4,5 m – using a support frame of 4,50 m.
  • Wall height of up to 6,0 m – using a combination of support frame of 4,50 m and buildup frame of 1,50 m.
  • Wall height of up to 8,0 m – using a combination of support frame of 4,50 m and buildup frames of 1,5 and 2,0 m.

Adjustable supports – FOR CONCRETING HEIGHT OF UP TO 3,0 m

The adjustable supports made by Variant factory have optimum dimensions and are easily compatible with any formwork system offered by us.

They are characterized by good sustaining of heavy load and easy installation.

The adjustable supports may be assembled separately, and then they are to be connected by framed tubes to achieve the required stiffness.

The supports frames may be installed manually.

Product features:

  • The supports frames are compatible with cross-beam and framed formwork.
  • Concrete pressure load is borne by the thrust anchor at the base ofthe structure.
  • Depending on the shape and load characteristics of the structure, it's only necessary to change the distance between the frames of the adjustable buttress as required.

With the wall height of up to 3 m, the adjustable buttress may be used in combination with standard cross-beams and ancillaries.