Circular formwork Ringform

The circular formwork Ringform is a practical system for forming of smooth and curved walls. Only 6 types of elements are used: 3 sizes in height 1.2 / 2.4 / 3.0 m and 2 widths, 2.4 m for inner part of the wall and 2.5 m for outer. The required radius is easily achieved by using adjustable spindles.

Load-bearing capacity:
• 50 kN/m² permitted pressure of fresh concrete;
• High quality film faced plywood with thickness of 21 mm. Film weight 240 g/m2.

Easy to use
• Having only 6 standard panel provides much easier planning and forming;
• All the connectors and accessories are easily fixed into the slots and quickly tighten, consequently forming time is efficient and maximized;
• No need for extra holes in plywood. The same anchor hole’s used throughout a project;
• Can be easily connected to the framed formwork Varimax;
• Radii can be continuously adjusted from a radius of 3.5 m upward, simply by turning spindles.

• The system elements are pre-assembled and are ready for use simply by setting the desired radius with the adjusting spindles;
• Installation of pre-assembled units minimizes use of a crane;
• Smaller quantities are needed, as it adapts effortlessly to any layout;
• High number of use cycles means lower follow-up expenses;
• Reduction of expenses by means of restoration and cleaning possibilities;
• High quality of concrete surface minimize finishing work.

Safe use
• Accessories such as — bracing platforms, bracing struts etc. make for save and easier handling of the system.

Fast working
• Radii are set easily—simply by turning spindles;
• Can easily be combined with Varimax, Vertex 60;
• There is only one type connection device (Adjustable clamp).