Circular columns SK 100

The circular column formwork SK 100 has been designed for forming columns with circular cross-section.
To form curved stop-end or oval column, the SK 100 system can be combined with Varimax and circular formwork Ringform. The system consists of two semicircular formwork halves, with standard diameters from 30 cm up to 130 in a 10 cm grid. The semicircular elements are fixed to each other by means of integrated connectors (no additional fixation elements are required ). 3 heights of elements are available, 50 cm, 100 cm and 200 cm, which can be combined by means of vertical stacking to assemble any height required.

Heavy-duty formwork
Permitted pressure of fresh concrete:    
• up to Ø 600 mm - 150 kN/m²
• up to Ø 800 mm - 100 kN/m²
• up to Ø 1300 mm - 80 kN/m²

Easy to use:
• Having only 3 standard elements heights and 11 standard diameters in a 10 cm grid provides much easier planning and forming;
• Any custom size up to 200 cm in diameter can be produced on enquiry;
• All the connectors are integrated and accessories are easily fixed into the slots and quickly tighten, consequently forming time is efficient and maximized.

• Fast concreting operations;
• Installation of pre-assembled units minimizes use of a crane;
• For a column forming only 2 pre-assembled units are used meaning that forming and stripping time are optimized;
• High number of use cycles means lower followup expenses;
• Reduction of expenses by means fast cleaning possibilities;
• Powder-coated steel formwork, for long service life;
• High quality of concrete finish minimizes finishing work (architectural concrete surface).

Safe use:
• Accessories such as — wall brackets, supporting struts etc. make for save and easier handling of the system.