Top Tower 100 scaffolding system

Top Tower 100 is a heavy-duty scaffolding system with broad spectrum of applications in bridge-building, highrise and industrial construction. Having maximum load-bearing capacity of 100 kN per leg, the system is mainly used for (as):
- Forming of different kinds of cast in place slabs e.g. flat and inclined;
- Shoring system for bridges superstructures e.g. precast or metal;
- Temporary support during complex installation works;

Top Tower 100 is a cost-saving shoring system for heavy loads, which suits best for construction of bridges, flyovers, overpasses, viaducts as well as other types of industrial projects.
Load-bearing capacity:

    Load bearing capacity up to 100 kN per leg;
    Tower base can be anchored to the ground in order to increase load bearing capacity.

System adaptability:

    Very versatile modular system for different shoring configuration;
    The system can be precisely adjusted to any length, width and height;
    Independent jacks for elevations.


    Quick and safe on-site erection;
    Fewer parts speed up assembly;
    High number of use cycles means lower follow-up expenses;
    Reduction of expenses by means of system adaptability;
    Galvanized or powder-coated frames, for long service life.

Easy handling and planning:

    Easy and secure joints between components;
    Any requirements for architectural concrete slab design can be met;
    Can cover a wide area of practical applications;
    Few elements for enormous variety of combinations.

Safe use:

    Platform and handrails at any point of the towers.
    Access stairs between towers
    Dependable stability.