Slab formwork Variflex

Variflex by Variant is a conventional prop formwork system for flat slabs forming and shoring. Having only 5 main components, the system is fast and easily assembled, consequently operational time and labor costsare optimized. Variflex adapts to any slab applications due to beams overlap and the fact that the props can be placed anywhere along the main beam. Simply by changing 3 variables (distance between main rows, distance between props in the main row and distance between secondary beams), the system can be applied to any load.

Load-bearing capacity :
• Due to its load-bearing flexibility, Variflex can be adapted to withstand loads of fresh concrete of different kinds of slab thicknesses. Optimal and cost-effective use within the range of slab thicknesses up to 500 mm;
• Maximum formwork height—6.0 m.

• Fewer parts speed up assembly;
• Assembly, stripping and disassembly by hand;
• High number of use cycles means lower followup expenses;
• Reduction of expenses by means of system adaptability;
• Galvanized or powder coated elements, for long service life.
   Flexible system for fast and cost-effective forming of concrete slabs.

System adaptability:
• Easily adapts to different and varying layouts, especially in case of irregular geometrics, specific load cases, different slab thicknesses.

Easy handling and planning:
• All the connectors and accessories are easily fixed into the slots and quickly tighten, consequently forming time is efficient and maximized;
• Any requirements for architectural concrete flat slab design can be met.

Safe use:
• Accessories such as — handrail makes for save and easier handling of the system;
• Safe working already during assembly.