Formwork tables for slabs Varitable

Varitable by Variant is a fast and efficient way of forming large-area slabs. The system can be easily adjusted to varying structural and architectural designs (loads, shapes, concrete surface etc.) Once assembled, a complete table unit can be positioned, adjusted, stripped and repositioned to a new area of concrete placement minimal labor. The table can be shifted along the slab using Variant’s shifting trolley. In order to gain maximum efficiency, Varitable can be easily combined with Varitable plus and Variflex systems.

Load-bearing capacity :
• Due to its load-bearing flexibility, Varitable system can be adapted to bear loads of fresh concrete of different kinds of slab thicknesses. Optimal and cost-effective use within a range of slab thicknesses up to 500 mm;
• Maximum table form height—6.0 m.

System adaptability:
• Can easily be combined with Varitable Plus and Variflex systems;
• Any type of form-facing can be selected. Easy handling and planning:
• Any requirements for architectural design of flat concrete slabs can be met;
• Can cover a wide area of practical applications.

Efficient and cost-effective formwork system for carrying out large-area slab projects.
• Rapid pace of work and cutting of re-assembly costs, due to the repositioning of complete units;
• Table form can be horizontally repositioned with no use of a crane;
• Fewer parts speed up assembly;
• High number of use cycles means lower followup expenses;
• Reduction of expenses by means of system adaptability;
• Galvanized or powder coated props, for long service life.

Safe use:
• Accessories such as — working platforms makes for save and easier handling of the system;
• Safe working already during assembly.